International specialized exhibition
Bread - Confectioner Expo
JUNE 3 - 5, 2015
Ukraine, Kiev, metro "Levoberezhnaya", Borovskoy Prospect 15, International Exhibition Centre

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20-th Jubilee international exhibition of bread, equipment, technologies and ingredients for bakery industry “Bread-2015”, 9-th International confectionery specialized exhibition of finished products for confectionery industry "ConfectionerExpo-2015", 2-d Specialized exhibitions of pizza and pasta "PizzaFairUA-2015" and "PastaCraft-2015" and also 2-d Specialized exhibition of organic products will take place on June 3-5, 2015

Venue: hall 3, IEC (15, Brovarskoy ave.), Kyiv, Ukraine
Organizer: Exhibition company “Troyan” LLC
Supported by Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ukrainian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists,
Association of Enterprises of Bakery Industries of Ukraine “Ukrhlebprom”, National University of Food Technologies

Own business: bakery!
Mini-bakery is a good variant of do-it-yourself business. Demand for bread always is available, always was available and always will be available! Moreover it is possible to launch manufacturing within a short term as well as to form wide assortment of tasty and useful products.
Exhibition Bread/ConfectionerExpo will give points how to distribute start-up investment, how to choose personnel, how to realize purchasing of raw materials, how to implement advertising campaign and what kinds of bread to bake. On Bread/ConfectionerExpo you will find dough-makers, pastry sheeters, proofers, rotary and conventional ovens, flour sifting machines, storage beds for raw materials, modes for finished products, packaging machines, washstands, washers for inventory, technologic scales, knives, baking sheets, containers, stands, sweetie paper and slicing machines.
In bread production maintenance of technology is very important. So our exhibition will offer you the most qualitative equipment and high-qualified specialists (technologists, packers etc) for conducting of successful business.
On exhibition you will be able to conclude contracts with wholesalers on good conditions or just to buy or rent mini-van for bread selling.

Own business: boulangerie!
On exhibition you will get to know, what should you to contribute in order to open “nice”, “european” boulangerie in our country, how to make business which demand responsible bread consumption, how to get clients used to wide diversity of product range, "to beauty", to hawkers stand with fine and scented bread... Exhibition Bread/ConfectionerExpowill answer on these and many other questions: how many area will you need, how much does equipment cost, how to form unique assortment and how to select technologies for supporting of reputation of trade mark.
On exhibition you will be able to form assortment for your boulangerie, which will contain not only exotic and high qualitative bread, but different other baking, as well as pastries and hand-made sweets.
You will conclude contracts only with reliable producers and it will be all your task. You are an organizer of your own business and you should stuff your “shop-window” yourself. Your nice and comfortable shop you will transmake in ex-display shelves, which will contain only the best confectionery products from the best craftsmen. Due to Bread/ConfectionerExpo given business becomes real and perspective! Moreover, opening of one boulangerie suppose quick development of exclusive store in the retail chain. About this and many other things you will be told by professionals on Bread/ConfectionerExpo.

Own business: mini-pizzeria!
It is possible to open pizzeria if you have modest start-up investment (let's say 5000$!). The main thing is to organize everything properly and to get the work going, to choose equipment, to complete diversified menu with handsome prices. Profitability of this business can reach 50%.
Exhibition PizzaFairUA will give points where to start & how to act. Exhibition will help you to take into consideration practical arrangements (and it is a half the battle!). Here you will get to know how to organize business in specially-build trailer or to open stationary pizzeria, how to organize delivery service of pizza at home - additional promotion channel of your product and additional source of revenue.
On PizzaFairUA you will find flour sifting-and-dressing machines, kneading-machines, dough dividers, dough rounders, ovens, spoons, knives, spatulas, containers for ingredients, boxes for wrapping of ready-made pizza, personnel. On PizzaFairUA you will form unique assortment for your pizzeria.

Own business: production of pasta!
Pasta products are very popular and habitual in Ukraine. They are easy in cooking, have reasonable price and ever-changing image. Pasta gradually obtains status of useful product thanks to fashion on Italian cuisine. Demand on pasta especially grows up during economic crisis (in other words - now!).
In order to launch pasta manufacturing it is needed several thousands of dollars (relatively small sum as for shop-floor applications). Manufacturing technology of pasta is quite simple. Payback period of this business is short, but profitability is high (approximately 30 % in usual time and 80 % in "hard times").
On exhibition PastaCraft you will get to know about peculiarities of pasta manufacturing technology, about recipes of pasta dough: desired amount of flour and water, humidity and temperature of dough, dosage of additives. On PastaCraft except basic raw materials (chapati, white, breadwheat, flinty wheat flour and water) you will find different additional components for pasta production: egg melange, egg powder, whole milk powder, concentrated tomato juices and paste, natural juices with carroty and beet pulp, food dyes etc.
You will need special equipment for process of pasta production. On PastaCraft you will be able to buy semi automated lines and fully automatic equipment, presses, flour sifting-and-dressing machines, drying equipment, packaging equipment for finished products, storage beds for stencils and finished products, lifting tackles for raw materials, knife sharpeners and washers.
Minimal start-up budget for business of pasta production of low and medium price bracket is 25000$ (purchasing of equipment, leasing of working and storage space etc). Payback period in case of availability of distribution channels doesn't exceed one and a half year.


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